The Age of the Earth

If the Earth is young, then Evolution is Dead ...  Therefore (evolutionists assert that) the Earth  MUST BE OLD: no matter what the actual evidence is.

The age of the earth is LOUDLY declared by the scientific establishment (of atheists) and the mass media to be around 4.6 billion years old.  But is it really THAT old, or is there an underlying REASON behind why evolution-believing scientists and the media are so adamant about promoting ONLY  their beliefs  about what they assert that "science" has proven?  

Everybody knows that a Frog CANNOT transform itself into a Prince in a short amount of TIME...  But if we allow for enough TIME, then anything is possible, or so the story goes... 

And the fact is that in order for the theory of evolution to have any chance at all of being a halfway credible account of how we got here, the earth has to be old: VERY OLD.  

However a growing number of people are beginning to question what they have been told, over and over again by the mass media and the so-called "scientific" establishment of evolution-believers: not only with regard to the earth's purported old age but the age of the universe itself.  It is also a fact that  those who believe the theory of evolution are the same people who believe in an old earth.  In addition, some who believe in God, also claim to believe in evolution; however, if they were honest, they would admit that they actually believe in a type of S-L-O-W-C-R-E-A-T-I-O-N, as opposed to evolution, apart from the influence of a Creator.  

This is a five-part series on the Age of the Earth.  

Part One takes a look at some of the rarely reported problems with Radiometric Dating.  

Part Two discusses a number of problems with the theory of Continental Drift: problems which tell us that millions of years for the separation of the Continents are neither indicated or necessary.  

Part Three discusses a number of the many problems with the concept of a Big Bang -- such as the fact that, as far as we know, explosions do NOT produce order but rather disorder.

Part Four takes a close look at some of the evidence for a  Worldwide Flood: evidence which suggests that virtually all of the Pancake-Like, sedimentary layers of the world were laid down at the same time, one after the other -- in a very short period of time ... And that indicate that the whole Geological Time Chart is simply evidence for a Worldwide Flood rather than evidence for millions or billions of years ... and the theory of evolution.  

Part Five provides 22 Scientific Indicators which suggest, if not strongly suggest, that the Earth, Solar System and Universe are probably not millions, or Billions, of years old, but rather a LOT Younger.  Additional Links are provided at the end of each article and also within the text.

For a more detailed discussion on this topic, and why a Creator must have been intimately involved with the Creation of Life: whether on Earth, or elsewhere see: The Age of the Earth Debate  

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The Age of the Earth