When Private Mediation Fails
Tips for Lawyers and Thieves on how to Maximize Divorce Profits


This Trick was taught to me by the Three Little Pigs, and by three Lawyers whose names are William M. Benjamin, Robert W. Lesh, and Richard Kolek ... along with a retired Judge who didn't know any better, or didn't care (???).  The same judge who never even heard of the 6-week co-parenting class sponsored by Family Court Services: the same class that Dr. Robert J. Fox said he thought that "everyone had to take."

Anyway, the trick to this trick is to not tell the parent, or parents, what you are up to.

For example, when a parent walks out on a Do-Nothing (to fix anything) Private Mediator, who is milking another case for ALL it is worth, do everything possible to slander and malign the parent who walked out, and to cover up for the parent who was misusing and abusing the ongoing (for two years) "mediation" process ... so as to confuse the Judge about what is going on, and to compel him, or her, to appoint another Scam Artist / Crook: such as a therapist, or even two of them.  At the same time, appoint a minor's counsel who works for the State, but who is also a Private Lawyer himself.  

Do not tell the parents that what you really want to do is to continue with more "Private Mediation" only under a different name: until ALL the MONEY is gone.

So call it "Couples Therapy," or "Co-parenting Therapy," or even just plain old  "Therapy."   ...  Otherwise the parent who is being Scammed might catch on to the the fact that you and your Court-Buddies are a bunch of Lieyers, Thieves, and Kidnappers.  Then keep both parents meeting together as often as possible, for as Long as possible ... for more $150-$250/hour Mediation / Therapy / Services.

It's that simple.

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