Where Have All ‘ D’ Fathers Gone?
The Truth about so-called Family Courts

I am writing to WARN parents to stay away from Family Court: having witnessed what they are doing for over five years, 1 and the zero accountability that applies to Lieyers 2 and all other court officials. 3

After years of paying ($1,000 -- $2,000 per month) over and above “Child Support” to be a Father to my Daughter, I ran out of Money to pay to the Family Court’s cohort of Crooks, and soon afterward a Judge-Buddy said that I would have to be supervised for reading my Daughter a Bible Story from her Children’s Bible on Sunday morning: at her request.  Shortly afterward I began filing cartoons with the so-called court, and shortly after that the Judge “Retired” to the back room: or so I was told.

The next Judge simply ignored the numerous well-documented fibs and told me to “get a job that pays more”  IF I wanted to purchase more time with the State’s property.  And so it was that another Father / Daughter relationship was Auctioned-Off for all it was worth (in this case about $120K) and another unethical parent rewarded for their willingness to Hire a Lieyer to play Family Court Chess. 4

I have since learned that single Moms obtain Sole Legal Custody in over 80% of disputed cases, 5 and that after the court games are over many Dads stop paying ($350-2K/ month) – over and above Child Support – to visit with Mom’s Kids.

Because of a Throw-Away-Dad mentality, Divorced Fathers are often separated from their Children – after being Robbed – while Moms make off with the Kids.  It also happens to our soldiers who fight for our freedom overseas: and even when there is no evidence, or claims, of abuse. 6

Sanford Braver and his team of researchers spent 12 years looking into why so many Fathers walk away from their Children after a divorce.  And what they found was so politically incorrect that few Americans have even heard of Professor Braver: much less the book he wrote on Divorce or the facts that he uncovered about Divorce and Family Court.

For instance, Dr. Braver found only two reasons why a Divorced Father stops paying Child Support: one unemployment, and the other because he is needlessly and/or maliciously separated from his Children: often after his Assets, Bank Accounts, and Credit Cards are Looted by the Family Court’s cohort of Crooks. 7   It also happens to Moms as well, though less frequently: since whoever is receiving “Child Support” can use it to pay for anything they WANT: including their legal fees. 

I was skeptical when a friend predicted that I would lose custody of my Daughter after I ran out of Loot for a Lawyer, and informed me that our Courts are ran by Liars, Thieves, and Judge-Buddies.  I became a believer after I saw for myself what they get away with, 8 and after what he said would happen actually took place, like it did with him and his son.

In Family Courts all over America, Children of Divorce are being SOLD to the Parent who offers up the most Money, and/or who generates it by making false allegations and/or complaints: where what is “Best for the Child” often takes a back seat to what is best for the Atheists 9 and Extortionists Bank Accounts: and where other people’s children are used as pawns in the Game of Family Court Chess.

Consider also the following with regard to divorce and our Family Courts:

  In 2004 “there were false allegations in about 80 percent of custody disputes.” 10 Emphasis Added.

  Many divorcing parents are “desperate to prevail and …willing to say almost anything…” to obtain
     Sole legal and physical custody of their Children. 10

  A California newspaper said that Family Courts are “a place where discovering the truth and
     punishing the guilty are not… priorities,”
and where Judges refuse to punish fibbers when
     caught committing Fibbery. 10
  Two San Diego Family Law attorneys admitted to me that there has yet to be an instance of a
    Family Court official (in the entire State of California) who was convicted of lying to the Court.

  A recent book by Ann Coulter has a chapter on single motherhood and the negative effects that its
     acceptance and promotion has had on both children and society as a whole. 11

  Political and religious leaders and organizations have also remained ignorant, and/or silent. 12

  Because of a Litigation Privilege and ZERO accountability, Family Courts “almost never” punish
     false allegations.  This means that Lieyers can spout as many lies as they want without fear and
     counsel their clients to “make up allegations…or do something to provoke the ex-spouse…” 13

  David Kupelian quotes Prof. Stephen Baskerville as follows with regard to our Family Courts:
    “Once the father is eliminated, the state functionally replaces him as protector and provider.  By
     removing the father, the state… creates a host of problems for itself to solve: child poverty, child
     abuse, juvenile crime, and other problems associated with single parent homes.  In this way, the
     divorce machinery is self-perpetuating and…allows for the infinite expansion of government…”

  Family Court Judges rarely ask a Loot-Generating parent to stop making “misstatements of fact,” 15
and Private Mediators will say that to expose the behavior of an unethical parent is “Not my Job.”

  For every $1 the States expend in Child Support collection they receive $2 from Uncle Sam.16

  For every child placed in Foster Care (or Adoption) the States receive $4,000 -- $6,000 per month:
     also from Uncle Sam.17

  90% of homeless and runaways are from fatherless homes.  (U.S. Bureau of the Census) From
    Fatherless Facts sheet: www.californiamenscenters.org

  80% of rapists came from fatherless homes.  Fatherless Facts: www.californiamenscenters.org

  85% of youths in prisons grew up in a fatherless home.  Texas Dept. of Corrections, 1992.
    Fatherless Facts www.californiamenscenters.org

  Fatherless boys and girls are: twice as likely to drop out of high school; twice as likely to end up in
     jail; four times more likely to need help for emotional or behavioral problems. US D.H.H.S. news
     release. March 26, 1999.  Fatherless Facts: www.californiamenscenters.org.


  1. According to Dr. Wade Horn, in 2002, one out of three children in the U.S. were growing up without their
    father living with them: 40 percent of who haven’t seen their father in the past year.

  2. A Lawyer who has False Disorder Syndrome and Selective Mutism: and who is paid to tell Lies in Court
    and to withhold pertinent information from the Judge: in order to keep the Loot-Ball rolling and/or “win” the
    Kids for their client.

  3. Margaret Hagen, Ph.D., “Whores of the Court,” p. 233.

  4. A.K.A. “Family Court” or Kids & Loot.

  5. At http://trueequality.com/video.html the figure is said to be 83%.  To verify this I was directed to Sanford Braver’s
    Divorced Dads:  where we find that 10% of Dads become the custodial parent, 5% share 50/50 Joint Legal and Physical
    custody, and 77% lose custody to Mom and have to keep Paying above and beyond Child Support to maintain contact with their Children.  This (77%) figure is only three years after filing for divorce.  If we look further down the road it is higher simply because some Dads bank accounts, assets, and credit cards are not yet Looted and/or maxed out at the 3-year mark.  For example, I had Joint Legal Custody until 5.5 years down Family Ct. Lane: after paying out $50,000 in legal and court related fees and $45,000 in Child Support.  I have also talked to other Dads who lost custody after the 3-year mark.  The director of the California Men’s Center, has said that between 83-93% of Mothers obtain Sole Legal Custody: meaning that 4-out-of-5 (or 9-out-of-10) Fathers are Bums, or that Something Else is going on?

  6. The Father’s War, by Stephen Baskerville; Whistleblower; June 2006; pp. 18-21.

  7.  This is how “The System” works: to get as MUCH of the PIE as POSSIBLE.
    *   If the Courts can get Dad to stop paying “Child Support,” then Mom will very likely file a
         complaint with the Department of Child Support Services.
    *   When that happens the State becomes the Collection Police… and (then and only then) is
         allowed to tap into Uncle Sam’s Shake & Bake Bank Sale and non-stop printing press.
    *   Therefore, the State-run Courts are doing anything and everything to make Dads PAY over and
         above Child Support to be a Father to their Children.  And thus they discourage Fathers from
         being Dads and encourage them to try and obtain some sort of Justice for what the court has done to
         them and their Children.
    *   Such as to (try and) STOP PAYING for Children they can’t even afford to “visit.”
    *   This way either the family court’s cohort of Crooks or the State get PAID whether Dad stays & pays 
         or balks & walks.

    The Above Scenario is taking place all over the country: with Family Court officials getting One, Two, Three, or Four Child Support payments each month for using their microscopes to analyze and re-analyze fibs, minutia, false charges, and obviously false charges.  And although having “both parents” involved in their Child’s life is sometimes mentioned, in reality, their importance PALES in comparison to how much CASH a Child of the State can bring: often $24,000/year per broken up family: and sometimes a LOT MORE.  And the Looting will go on until a parent goes broke, or walks away. 

  8. Multiple counts of fibbery, altering (multiple) transcripts, removing documents from the court record, extortion and kidnapping.

  9. Wiseman reported that 95% of psychologists and 55% of psychiatrists are atheists or agnostics.    
    Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal,
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  12. For example, Focus on the Family tells single moms not to worry if Dad isn’t around anymore: because Big Brother, Uncle Buck, or the Man Next Door can take his place.  Their 30-minute programs are heard daily on about 1600 radio stations across North America.

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Copyright 2009,  Randy S. Berg