The Case of my Father

My dad was, for the most part, a "macho type" guy who minded his own business.  However, I never doubted that he loved me to the depths of his being.  For the most part he simply did his own thing, and when he wasn't working, he was usually watching TV.  But if we needed him he was always there to help.  However, in those days, our schools were, for the most part, not indoctrination centers for leftists  who oppose God and His people at almost every turn, and who are today trying to promote their godless agenda of brainwashing our kids even in our Public Schools.

However, one thing stands out in my mind, as I think of my dad, and moral issues.  It was an occasion when a guy who lived down the street from us had bought himself a Hot-Rod, and decided it would be OK for him to race it up and down the street.  But  my dad knew there were kids in the neighborhood, and that it was not a safe place for someone to be racing their car.  And so, instead of just calling his own kids to come in the house, or calling the Police and waiting until they got there and (perhaps) caught the guy in the act, he decided he should take a more active role and do something about it himself, then and there.  And so he got a baseball bat and then walked into the middle of the street and dared the neighbor to either run him down or stop what he was doing.

This same thing applies to us today.  We can either sit back, do our own thing, and try to hide ourselves from those who are trying like mad to change God, and what He was said about right and wrong, and Creation, and our future Judgment, or we can get involved at some level and begin to speak out and do something about it.

The Choice is yours.  And just as God didn't force my dad to do what he did, neither will he force you to get involved either.

And if you are gay, you should know that we Christians don't hate you, nor does Jesus hate you; and what you do in your own bedroom is really none of our business.  But when you insist on taking what you do in your bedroom and demand our approval, you are being a bigot, and trying to force your beliefs upon us and all of society, and trying to undermine one of the most basic freedoms that have made us a Great Nation: The Freedom of Speech.  

And if this is your attitude, you are trying to tell God, Himself, that what He put down in writing is wrong.  But in reality you also ALL have both a mother AND a father, and if you are honest, you would admit that the Creation itself favors heterosexual relationships over those that are not for the very reason that ONLY heterosexuals are able to (by the grace of God) produce offspring.

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