How "Baptize" made its way into the King James Bible from Rome

By Bob L. Ross


In a recent email article, Herb "The Shovel" Evans, the Debate Agent for Possel Peter Ruckman, referred to a "Black Helicopter Conspiracy." Herb said:

"Bobby's black helicopter, Catholic conspiracy is a fraud, like its inventor."

The words "black helicopter, Catholic conspiracy" is the way Evans tries to discount the historical facts behind use of the word "baptize" in the King James Bible and other Pedobaptist and Roman Catholic translations.

But if Herb Evans had only read the History and a few other writings by Possel Peter Ruckman, he could have easily found this "conspiracy" exposed by Ruckman. Surely, Evans would accept what Possel presents.

In fact, Possel refers to "the POPE'S UNDERCOVER AGENT" who was largely responsible for the infiltration of "baptize" into the language of the English-speaking "church." (The History of the New Testament Church, Vol. I, page 262).

That "agent" is exposed by Possel as being a Benedictine monk by the name of "Augustine" whom Possel reveals was later appointed by Rome as the Archbishop of Canterbury. In fact, Augustine was so successful in his undercover work, the Pope "graciously gave the entire English nation" to the Benedictine monk as his reward (ibid, page 206).

Historical Background

Possel Ruckman reveals that Augustine brought "baptize" to England after it was brought forth by the "Alexandrian Cult" down in Egypt. Centuries after being brought to England, the word "baptize" became creedally authenticated by the Roman Catholic Council of Trent as "sacred," and it was officially declared that "no one is to dare, or presume to reject it under any pretext whatever," and Trent proclaimed that it has been "preserved in the Catholic Church by a continued succession" by means of Rome's Latin Vulgate Bible (Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent, Fourth Session). 

Possel says that Rome's Vulgate Bible is the "ALEXANDRIAN Bible" (History, I:162, 173, 177, 195), and that "God will send nothing through Rome but corruption; absolutely nothing" (ibid, I:180). "Jerome came out with the Alexandrian Bible" says Possel, referring to the Vulgate (ibid, page 173).

Possel affirms that ST. JEROME was the creator of the Latin
Vulgate Bible, the Roman Catholic Bible, and that it was copies of that Bible, containing the untranslated word "baptize," which the POPE sent to England by Augustine the monk, the Pope's "undercover agent"
(History, I:206).

This was 596 A. D., and in 597 the Benedictine monk "SPRINKLED about ten thousand" at Christmastime, according to Possel (ibid), using the word "baptize" in reference to sprinkling. By this means, the meaning of "baptize" became "established" in the English mind, according to Possel's assistant Larry Vance (Bible Believers Bulletin, 7/95, page 17).

As Archbishop of Canterbury, the monk Augustine ordered "infant SPRINKLING should replace baptism of believing adults" (ibid). Thus, under cloak of the word "baptize" he introduced sprinkling, and this led to the introduction of infant "baptism" by sprinkling. The unlearned, uneducated pagans of Great Britain of those times swallowed it all as if it came down directly from God Himself. One deception led to another, and the idea of salvation was even associated with "baptize" and infant sprinkling:

Possel says that "regeneration of infants by SPRINKLING became an official Catholic doctrine (orthodoxy)," and "the most damnable heresy . . . was the heresy accepted as orthodox Bible doctrine by Jerome, Augustine, and the popes . . . Regeneration of infants by SPRINKLING" (ibid, I:170).

It was by this means that the Pope expected to raise "'converted' armies of barbarians," even by "ARMED FORCE if the inhabitants didn't get 'converted'" (ibid, page 205). The goal was to establish Rome's "power" over all the inhabitants of Europe (ibid, page 170).

Possel says "Jerome, as Origen, Eusebius, and Augustine, was a religious evolutionist; he believed the Catholic church was the Kingdom of God predestinated to conquer the world by infant baptism" [SPRINKLING] (ibid, page 194). "Jerome's was the perfect Bible for Catholics," with the word "baptize" meaning SPRINKLING, and applied to sprinkling of infants (ibid, page 194).

But Possel says the Vulgate "was not even a translation," and indeed it did not translate the Greek word "baptizo," which means "immerse," according to Pastor Dallas Bunch, one of Possel's friends (ibid, page 195). Jerome's Bible only transferred the Greek word into Latin letters in place of the Greek letters instead of translating the Greek word. This deliberate lack of translating the word made it possible to "define" the word to the ignorant and unlearned masses as having a "meaning" other than what the Greek word actually means. And very few of those who knew the difference dared to stand up against the authority of the Pope and the Roman Church, so "baptize" became the common word to refer to sprinkling. It was even established in the official English dictionaries, such as the Oxford English Dictionary.

"TRANSLITERATION" -- The Deceptive Device

There is a device called "TRANSLITERATION," and Possel alleges that it can be used to deceive "guileless Christians" to think "baptize" is a "better translation" than a word which would actually translate a Greek word's real meaning. He says a Bible word and its true meaning can be "all but TAKEN OUT of the Bible, much to the delight of Christ-rejecting, self-righteous 'Christians'" by the means of transliteration (Handbook of Manuscript Evidence, page 147).

Elsewhere, Possel reveals that one of the arguments is that "immerse" as a translation "does not cover the VARIETY of meanings found in the Greek word (baptizo)." So this "cover" is used to justify using a transliteration rather than making a proper translation of the word by using an English word with the same meaning as the Greek word (Last Grenade, page 122).

That "VARIETY of meanings" of "baptize" is given in the Oxford English Dictionary, published by Pedobaptists [baby baptizers] as the "authority" on English words: it gives a variety of THREE different "meanings" to the translitered word "baptize:" IMMERSE, POUR or SPRINKLE -- meaning "baptize" can refer to THREE MODES of "baptism." This recognizes the true meaning of the word (which is "immerse"), but it authorizes other meanings equally as valid. Thus, in the English language, all three "modes" are included in the use of "baptize," according to the OED. Of course, this is not true of the original Greek word, so this adds to the Word of God.

Papist Jerome therefore used "baptize," for "water baptism" is "Catholic SPRINKLING," according to Ruckman (History, I:169), and this is upheld by the Pedobaptist "authority" on the English language to be one of the meanings of "baptize." To differ with this would not only be a challenge to the "Church," but it would fly in the face of alleged English "scholarship."

The "Alexandrian Cult" Is the Source of "Baptize"

When the Pope set his goal on Great Britain, Ruckman says that "he sent out a scout to see if there was any abuse or 'child neglect' going on in merry England. The tenderfoot's name was Augustine, a Benedictine abbot who believed in salvation by works. Naturally, HE TOOK A ROMAN CATHOLIC BIBLE with him," which was Jerome's Latin Vulgate Bible, or the "Alexandrian Bible" (ibid, pages 205, 173, 177). It was this Latin Bible which had within its pages the untranslated word "baptize," which Rome used to refer to sprinkling. Thus was "baptize" introduced to the English.

This Latin Vulgate Bible was therefore the "seed" by which the Pope's "agent" was to "permeate" England with the doctrine and act of SPRINKLING, using the untranslated word "baptize" and its "variety of meanings." According to Possel, the Vulgate Bible resulted from Jerome's adopting the manuscripts which had been "corrupted" by Origen and Eusebius of the "Alexandrian Cult" (Manuscript Evidence, page 212). "Jerome adopted Origen's Alexandrian text (via Eusebius) for the New Testament" (King James Onlyism versus Scholarship Onlyism, page 8). Origen "associated water SPRINKLING with regeneration," says Ruckman (ibid, page 7).

Possel also traces this doctrine back to Irenaeus (ibid, p. 7). "Irenaeus was a BABY-SPRINKLER," says Possel (Man. Evidence, page 207). He also says, "Origen . . . Eusebius, Augustine, Jerome . . . were . . . BABY-SPRINKLERS" (ibid, page 211).

Possel says, "The alert Bible student" is one who "will observe" the "Roman Catholic reading of Jerome," and this is the case on the word "baptize" (ibid, page 120), for it came to England in Jerome's "Alexandrian Bible."

With the increase of the availability of knowledge since the Dark and Middle Ages, multitudes have become alerted to the truth on "baptize" and how it was used to promote sprinkling, infant baptism, and the baptismal regeneration view of Rome and Church of England Pedobaptists. Baptists in particular have been noted for insisting upon the true meaning and act of baptism as being immersion, not sprinkling.


It is clear from Possel Ruckman's History and his other writings that the transliterated word "baptize," which is in all Pedobaptist Bibles, including the Pedobaptist "Church of England's" King James Bible --

(1) Derived from the "Alexandrian Cult,"
(2) via Jerome's Latin Vulgate Bible,
(3) which was sent to England by the Pope,
(4) whose "scout" and "undercover agent" was Augustine the Benedictine monk,
(5) who came to England in 596 and SPRINKLED 10,000 in 597,
(6) and who became Archbishop of "the Church" in England.

Augustine, the Roman Catholic Benedictine monk (not to be confused with Augustine of Hippo), thus taught "the Church" in England to believe that "baptize" meant sprinkle, and all Pedobaptist [Baby Sprinkler] Bible translations have used the "Alexandrian" Latin Vulgate's word ever since.

This word, "baptize," thus facilitated the "mode" of sprinkling or pouring in England as being legitimate "baptism." It is the word used in all Pedobaptist (Catholic or Protestant) Bibles and is defined in the Pedobaptist Oxford English Dictionary for THREE MODES of "baptism."

Was it a "Black Helicopter Conspiracy" fraud which is outlined by Possel Ruckman in his writings, or is he telling the truth? Since he is an "ex-Catholic," and had training from a Jesuit priest, it seems likely he would perhaps have legit "inside" information on this, as he has presented.

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