After all: We are "Scientists" with degrees from college, and we know what is best for you (and your children) to think.  That's why we are doing everything in our power to indoctrinate them over to OUR WAY of thinking -- even though our view is only a (10%) minority viewpoint.  For we are the HIGH priests of all knowledge, who think we know a LOT more than you ... and we really like the attention we get from the (Christ-hating) liberal Mass Media: along with the MONEY we receive from our Government: that gets it from YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

In other words, we really don't want you to teach your kids the values and beliefs that you have, but rather the ones we have (or  don't have).  We also want you to continue to ALLOW us (Thank you VERY much) to Indoctrinate them over to OUR Godless way (of ANYTHING goes -- as long as it goes OUR WAY) of thinking -- via the Public School System 

Thanks to the Christ-Hating American Mass-Media and their lop-sided, Biased (spinning truths into lies) "reporting" that they have done (for us) -- not to mention all those Godless TV shows and Movies that YOUR children are addicted to.  For that is exactly how old man Hitler Brainwashed his own people into killing Millions of  Jews: along with Millions of Germans who didn't want to cooperate.

And now, thanks to the "High Priest" Know-it-alls from our Colleges and Universities, and their willful obedience to their religion and belief that nobody made them: based on their GREAT, GREAT Faith in the Power of Nature to perform Miracles, and the willful cooperation of our godless media, our children are being brainwashed to believe the same things that the Germans were being taught during the 1930's: i.e. that Science has almost proven that there might not even be a Creator / God, and therefore no accountability for one's actions.  And, of course, no Lord to tell one what to do or how to live one's life -- which might spoil all of the Fun we receive from telling the World what we think.