It's Time to Wake Up

It's Time to Wake Up, and Speak Out ... against an Evil thing that's taking place All over America, Canada, and much of Europe: the needless separation of millions of Fathers from their Children by selfish, controlling, dishonest, and/or malicious Mothers, and a cohort of professional Liars and Therapist/thieves who use troublemaking spouses (of former spouses) to generate $100-300/per hour income with no accountability at all.

It also happens to Mothers as well, though not as often: for the Court's cohort of Crooks -- who use children to commit extortion -- don't really care who the nitpicker, false accuser, and/or troublemaker is: as long as the money flows.

For neither State licensing boards, nor our courts hold their own people accountable for anything they do: even when caught telling boldfaced lies in Court.

And rather than investigate, or do something to stop the Auction of Kids in Court, the Federal government is instead contributing to the problem by rewarding States for destroying Families via Title IV-D funding of the State's programs. In this regard the Department of Health and Human Services contributes over 10 billion dollars per year to fund such programs.

God sees what is going on, and knows that we, as a nation, have turned a deaf ear to the cry of the poor and oppressed, and has warned us that He will curse the Land that does so, and that needlessly separates Children from their parents.  See Joel 3:3; Malachi 4:5-6.

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