The California Bar Association

We have good reason to believe that the California Bar Association is little more than a front for Organized Crime.  One reason we say this is because even the most corrupt attorneys have nothing on their records.

Another reason is because even when very legitimate complaints and/or cases are filed, the courts and/or the Bar Association simply look (as in VERY Diligently LOOK) for a  reason (as in ANY Cockamamie reason they can think of) to quash or dismiss them.  And thus NOTHING is ever done to police their ranks or prosecute crimes that are committed by their members., such as:

Not being sworn to tell the truth, not having to sign reports under penalty of perjury, Lying in court, covering up facts and/or distorting them, withholding pertinent evidence from judges, cheating on their taxes, not complying with mandatory state-imposed rules, seriously altering court transcripts, lying to clients, quashing legitimate cases, and covering up for each other so that NOBODY is ever held accountable for ANYTHING they do; including committing extortion and child trafficking in broad daylight. 

C.O.'s = Court Officials (in picture above)

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