Who is more likely to obtain Sole Legal Custody after Divorce?

Sanford Braver, and a team of researchers spent eight years gathering data on divorcing parents, and another four years putting their findings together.  And according to Dr. Braver, three years after separation, 77% of mothers have Sole Legal Custody of the Children.  This figure is even higher if one looks further down the road: since some fathers still have Money at the three year mark.  I personally lost custody after 5.5 years of fighting tooth and nail to remain in my Daughter's life -- and being drained both financially and emotionally: having spent about 7,000 to 10,000 hours of my time reading books, and/or writing documents and articles related to Divorce: or my divorce.  I have met other men like myself who lost custody after the three year mark. 

According to http://trueequality.com/video.html, the figure is 83%.

According to the Director of the California Men's Center in San Diego, California, women obtain Sole Legal Custody of their Children in about 83-93 percent of disputed custody cases in the U.S..  And according to Dr. Warren Farrell, men are almost 10 times more likely than women to commit suicide after a Divorce.

When discussing this with Keith Owen I was told that "In Ohio it's 97%" : referring to the same statistic.  Keith is the director of various different fathers rights organizations in Ohio: including Fathers4Justice.

According to statistics, Fatherlessness is the #1 Social problem in America: if not the Western World.  See Fatherless Facts sheet at  www.californiamenscenters.org.

See   Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths,  by Dr. Sanford Braver,  Father and Child Reunion, by Dr. Warren Farrell, and  Taken Into Custody, by Stephen Baskerville for more information on the subject of Divorce and Family Court.  

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