Your Rights as a Divorced Father  
In San Diego Family Court

        I.      As a Divorced father you have No Rights when it comes to parenting your child, seeing your child, or “visiting” with your former child or children that the State  (thinks it)  made from scratch.

     II.      As a Divorced father, you will NOT be allowed to “visit” your own Child: unless you Keep Paying you Double-Dues Child & Lieyer Support,  plus Private  Mediator & Scam Art / Therapist  Support.

   III.      As a Divorced father who has Money, you may hire a Private Lieyer, Mediator, Therapist, Play Therapist, and/or  Supervisor to nitpick you when you "visit" with your own Child: whose diapers you changed, and whom you watched and played games with: hundreds of times.

  IV.      As a Divorced father you have a Responsibility to  "get a job that pays more":  and an obligation to Pay Loot: each time you visit with the State’s Child  (or Children)  that it (thinks it) made from scratch.

     V.      As a Divorced father, you do not have a right to see, or “visit” with a Child  (of the State)  unless you can PAY more CASH  to the State’s cohort of Family Court Crooks: including San Diego Family Court officials who have made it virtually Impossible for the IRS to audit their professional Crooks.

Our Mission
is to help Divorced Dads understand and meet their Double and Triple  Child Support Payments, and to make them Pay until Destitute, and when that is accomplished to award the Kids to Mom: or -- if she’s in Jail -- to Foster Care, or Adoption:  and thus tap as deeply into Uncle Sam's Shake & Bake Bank SALE as possible.






This is a publication of the former United States of America, and the result of years of slick marketing with the
Department of Loot Collection from Fatherless Children Services, and the Department of Lieyer & Court Buddy Services.