The Family Court Carnival    
San Diego Family Courts often use Children to extort Money and Assets from broken families.
A typical scenario -- for those with Houses and/or Assets to confiscate -- is as follows:  

Because our courts donít police their ranks and our media is more concerned with sports and weather than exposing professional kidnappers, itís up to parents, former parents, and concerned citizens to do the job for them.  For only when the public stops feeding this system will they stop using children to commit extortion and begin to restore relationships that they have destroyed.

 See also:;;;,; and Try also Google,  Yahoo,, and/or searches on San Diego Family Courts, Family Court Reform, High Conflict Divorce, and/or any therapist, mediator, supervisor, or lawyer you are thinking of allowing on your case.  Do NOT allow your lawyer or private mediator to pick whoever they want without first checking them out for yourself via the Internet.

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