Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses certainly have lots of zeal, as I am hard-pressed to think of another denomination that does as much door to door witnessing as they do.  In fact, at least in this regard, that they have as much, if not more, zeal to win the lost and promote the gospel than perhaps any other group of people who name the name of Christ.  So as far as doing what Jesus told those who believe in Him to do (in Luke 14:23-26) and "go out among the highways and hedges and compel them to come in" ... to God's kingdom, the Jehovah's witnesses take to heart what Jesus said that those who claim to follow Him should be about.

However, if what we believe is wrong (or IF our faith is misplaced), then we may very well miss the mark.  In other words if we are resting in what God's Love and grace, and trusting in what Christ has already done for us, then we will experience His peace and desire to serve Him in some way: Mal. 3:16-18; John 12:26; 14:12, 23; 15:4-5.  

With that said, I have found that more and more Jehovah's witnesses are accepting that Jesus is very much like, if not just like, God the Father: John 14:9, 13-14, 23; 17:3.

I have also learned that Jehovah's witnesses have open services where anyone can share what God has done, or is doing in their lives -- or what He has shown them from the scriptures.  This is exactly what we are told that the apostle Paul commended (in I Cor. 1426-31) with regard to allowing the saints to share openly in gatherings; however, this is NOT what the great majority of churches are practicing, but rather a top-down micro-management of the Holy Spirit.

For those who don't know that Jesus Christ was, and is God in the flesh: not the Father, but the Son, and that before He became a man, He was just like God the Father -- with the same powers, and made of the same essence, and who also existed from eternity past.  See Phil. 2:5-11; Col. 1:15-19.  Note also that "first-born" is not the same thing as "first-created" -- and that the word in the Greek is "first-born": meaning the Chief, or Ruler, or one who will Inherit the Kingdom. See also Micah 5:2 and John 1:1-3 and note that Jesus was God, and was also with God in the beginning and that His goings forth are from the day's of eternity. See also Hebrews 1:1-14 and note that Jesus is NOT an angel, but something more... and also that God the Father calls Him God: i.e. "Thy Throne O God, is forever and ever." vs. 8.

Note also that Psalm 50:6 tells us that God, Himself, is judge, yet we are told in John 5:22-23 that God, the Father, has given ALL JUDGMENT to the Son: in order that all may honor the Son, even as they honor the Father.  In this regard, Jesus is the only one who can say that He can do whatever He sees the Father doing.  He is also omnipresent: since both He and the Father both dwell inside of every believer: John 14:23; 17:3.

Although many Christians condemn Jehovah's witnesses for supposedly having a false or "different Jesus," in Luke 6:37, Jesus Himself warned us not to condemn.  And it is my experience that Jehovah's witnesses are open to learning new things -- and changing their opinion of who Jesus is.  In other words, they listen to what other believers have to say, and thus give strong support that they are also believers in Jesus: I John 4:6

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