The Lutherans

My grandmother was a Lutheran. She immigrated here from Sweden. and she read her Bible almost every day.  And once when the subject of people getting saved came up, she said: but "they have to believe in Jesus."

And from this we can say that a great Many Lutherans are also Born again Christians.  Some however, may not be, and in fact there is some questions about Martin Luther himself: for Hitler used his writings to justify what he did to the Jews during World War II.  In fact, Hitler simply did what Luther said should be done to the Jews in a book he wrote called On the Jews and Their Lies.

Luther's apparent hatred for the Jewish people was unjustified and I believe also uncalled for.  However, I do not believe that modern day Lutherans are anti-Semitic.  For the most part I agree with most of what Lutherans believe, with the exception of the practice of infant baptism and the Lord's Supper.  For more on what I believe about these see:

A Closer Look at Water, Spirit, and Infant Baptism and The Lord's Supper

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