The Mormon Church

Although I have some friends who are Mormon that I believe are sincere Christians, I do not adhere to some of the things they believe.  For instance, I do not believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet since he prophesied things that never came true.  It is also virtually certain that he had many wives, and even married women who were already married to other men in his church: one of whom had several kids already.  In other words, Joseph Smith was both an adulterer, and a wife stealer.  Joseph Smith's successor was Brigam Young. Brigam was known to have at least 12 (if not 13) different wives (all at the same time).  In other words, since the Scriptures teach that an Elder (or a person who is a leader in the church) should ONLY have ONE wife, then Brigam was in serious violation of what is already written down in the Scripture, and that was passed on to us by the Apostle Paul in I Tim. 3:1-7.

Other than that I am reasonably certain that there is very little historical or archeological evidence that supports the Book of Mormon.  In other words, not one figure, Land or city mentioned in the Book of Mormon has any historical roots other than the Book of Mormon itself.  In contrast, the Old and New Testaments are both supported by all sorts of historical and archeological evidence.  In fact, over the years, whenever the Bible and (so-called) "history" were in conflict, time and time again, the Bible has been proven to be correct, and the contrary evidence incorrect.

There isn't a whole lot more that I know about Mormons, except that they are very zealous when it comes to protecting the Family structure, and for this I highly commend them.   For those who want to know more I suggest one or more of the following Links.

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