My Opinion of the Catholic Church

I have had close friends who were Catholic, and who liked the solemn feeling they received from attending a Catholic Church.  I also believe they are very sincere Christians.  One of these people was (at that time) one of my best friends.

I also, on various occasions, went with him to the Catholic Church he was attending, and also went up to partake of the Lord's Supper.  I also didn't feel guilty in the least bit, because the SAME exact Jesus that died for my sins, is he SAME one who died for their sins.  I also realize that the bread is only symbolic of what Jesus did for us (who believe in Him) on that cross

Although I don't agree with everything that the Catholic Church teaches, I do share many of their values and beliefs.  They are also, in many ways, similar to modern day Lutherans and Episcopalians.

For instance, I don't believe that Mary was sinless, since on one occasion she called God her Savior (Luke 1:47), and on another she was indirectly rebuked by Jesus Himself: Mark 3:31-35.

There are other things that I also disagree with the Catholics about as well, but the main point of dispute would be with individual Catholics who think that because they are Catholic, or born Catholic, or baptized Catholic, that they are going to Heaven -- as opposed to having an actual (and personal) Relationship with the Lord Himself.  In other words, if Jesus doesn't know you personally then you do not belong to Him no matter what church you attend, and if His Spirit does not dwell within you, then you are not His.  This applies to EVERY other church and denomination and community of Christians as well.  See Romans 8:9; 10:4,13;  John 6:37; John 8:24; 10:14,27; Luke 13:1-5; Matt. 7:21-23; Hosea 6:3; Rev. 3:20.