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Printing something on a dish, or in a newspaper, magazine, or College Textbook does NOT make it a fact of science: much less one that is observed, tested, and replicated in the Real World.  In other words, there's a BIG Difference between empirical science and that which is called "science" by people who call themselves scientists.

Does calling the Intelligent Design movement a "faith-based" movement somehow make the theory of evolution credible?

Perhaps to those who Really WANT to believe in the Power of Nature to do what we don't observe, but to those who have a  "show me first... and can you Demonstrate it to me too"  attitude, the answer is NO. 

To the contrary, from a purely logical perspective, the theory of Evolution is far LESS credible than the concept of a Creator: who wrote the laws of nature, Designed the world we live in, AND made all of the life-forms that are on it.  For all nature does is DESTROY things via decay and calamity: including the building blocks of life: by oxidation and time.  

And just because Media people refuse to inform themselves or to report the facts doesn't change them one iota.  For the FACT is that not even the smallest homochiralic (i.e. living type of) protein molecule, of ONLY 8 amino acids, has ever been OBSERVED to form naturally, much less anything remotely resembling the simplest self-replicating bacterium. And a would be proto-plant would need to have both its DNA-RNA-ribosome machinery AND the ability to convert sunlight into energy (i.e. photosynthesis) intact before it could maintain itself: for without energy, the DNA machinery won't work, and without the DNA machinery, proteins cannot be continuously created.

For example, proteins in our bodies die off at the rate of 50,000 every three seconds, yet we are kept alive nonetheless because our DNA-RNA machinery produces 50,000 new proteins to take their place: every three seconds.

In other words, Evolution is FAR LESS supported by science, logic and reason, and the laws of probability than the concept of a Creator who Designed both the Universe and the Earth, and all of the living things on it.  Therefore, if anything, it's the theory of Evolution that belongs in the realm of religion.  For in spite of all the repetition by the media and College professors, it still can't be demonstrated how an organism can become more complex, but rather it must be accepted by faith: meaning that it is the  religion of atheism.  

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