Sections 1-9 above do not correspond exactly to Dawson's drawing of the Main Coal seam and the 15 foot tree. This was impractical because the 40 foot tree passes through more strata.

6 Note: There is some ambiguity with regard to this drawing. For example, we don't know whether the top of this tree was sheared off,  however, since the vast majority of others are, it is a reasonable assumption. This tree is also pictured without branches; this was done because if there were any, we have no idea what they looked like, and because the 15 foot tree doesn't have branches, and  because on page 168 Dawson mentions a Sigillaria that "extends 30 feet without branching."  In addition, as mentioned previously, we don't know whether or not the roots were broken off; they are pictured this way because the roots of the other trees are drawn this way, and because this is the case with the majority of erect trees and stumps of Joggins. This will be discussed in more detail shortly.

6 Although the (40 foot) tree is drawn in close proximity to the 15 foot tree, this may not have been the case. It may have been that the 15 foot tree was found in the cliff near the beach, while the 40 foot tree was found further inland as a result of mining activities.