Where we are Now

To those who are keeping up with current events in the Middle East and who are aware of the Old and New Testament prophesies of a future world government, a man who will claim to be the messiah, or savior of the world, who is aided by a religious person called the 'false prophet,' it seems as if we are on the brink of world war III.  And whether we are aware of it or not a key phenomenon behind what is taking place is something called Zionism: the belief that a certain race of people are superior to other races: in this case those who use, and/ or misuse the word 'Jew.'

This includes the current state of Israel that still does not recognize who God's people are: i.e. those who follow, serve, and obey the true Messiah, Yahshua, also known as Jesus, who is talked about all through the Old Testament and who, after He was killed for the sins of the people, came back from the dead, and today both lives in the hearts of His people, and is also sitting in heaven at God's right hand. 

And to those who would challenge such an accusation that many so-called Jews are fake-Jews who have no right to call themselves "God's people," and who in fact despise God's word, have replaced it with their own (fake) scriptures (or Talmud) and whose string-pullers control much of the world's media and use it to corrupt the nations and to promote their own (godless) agenda.  The following articles and videos provide much more information.   

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It has also been reported that the US Dollar is about to "crash".  And while this has not happened (as of Feb. 2016) there is still good reason to suspect it will.  More details are given in the video links below.  Note that Karen Hudes worked for the World Bank for 20 years and Martin Armstrong predicted two stock market collapses to the very day.  

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